Monday, 11 May 2015

Murphy's Law Of Love BTS Episode 1 English Subbed

Buat yang penasaran gimana Xiao Tong dan Jia Wei saat kamera lagi nggak on, Ini dia video Behind The Scene Murphy's Of Love Episode 1. Check This Video Out!!

[Eng subs] Ep 1 Behind-the-scenes Murphy's Law of Love
[Eng subs] Ep 1 Behind-the-scenes Murphy's Law of Love#DansonTang #唐禹哲Eng subs by: Aphrael / Source: San Lih TVFrom admin Aphrael: Thanks to request from a few fans, I've decided to embark on the long arduous path of no-return, er no, I mean, the path of Eng-subbing 19 eps of behind-the-scenes for Murphy's Law of Love. Just a note: some of these eps will be Danson-cut only and hence not the full-length original. Haven't decided on the frequency of posting these videos, which will depend on (i) my schedule, (ii) my subbing speed and (iii) whether there are other current videos to sub. So... hope you'll enjoy this! Ah, and the 1st thought running through my mind always when I watch BTS ep 1 is that Danson looks so damn good in a suit... :D
Posted by Danson Tang International Fans 唐禹哲國際後援會 on 15 Agustus 2015

Dan ini kelakukan mereka berdua :))


  1. Hihi..lucu ya videonya, krunya mendukung pula.. :D
    Kalau ada translatenya pasti lebih lucu^^